Technology & Social Media

Technology & Social Media


Helping Others to Find God in the Digital Space
Leader: Lisa Brown

Digital Activism 101
Leader: Meredith Gould

Seeking God via Google
Leader: Christopher Harris

Quick & Dirty Intro to Live Streaming Worship
Leader: Christopher Harris

Taking Faith Formation Online
Leader: Debbie Kolacki

Facebook Ministry 101
Leader: Rev. David Czeisel

Enhance Your Digital Ministry: Strategy and Tactics for Integrating Social Media
Leader: Meredith Gould

Getting Started


ELCA Social media and congregations: Planning and procedures 
Introduction to social media, Elements of a social media strategy, Developing a social media policy, Social media procedures.

ELCA Congregational Communications Tools

On Line Confernce/ Learning Websites

Free conference call service; you pay only regular phone charges.

Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is a Free web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites.

The Sakai CLE is a free and open source Courseware Management System. It features a set of software tools designed to help instructors, researchers and students collaborate online in support of their work--whether it be course instruction, research or general project collaboration.

Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, group messaging, and a software-defined conference room solution into one easy-to-use platform. Our solution offers the best video, audio, and wireless screen-sharing experience across Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Zoom Rooms, and H.323/SIP room systems. Founded in 2011, Zoom's mission is to make video and web conferencing

Photos that are Free or “Some Rights Reserved” Websites

Google Advanced Image Search
Enter a description of what you're searching for, then scroll down to usage rights and use the drop-down menu to select one of the "free to use and share" choices.

Creation Swap
Offers free graphics, church media, presentation ideas and more.

Offers 350,000 free stock photos on a multitude of subjects.

Wikimedia Commons
Huge database of free media files. Anyone can contribute.

Free online photo storing, organizing and sharing site.

Free Images
More than 300,000 free photos and images, organized in categories for easy searching. A division of Getty Images.

Pixnio-Public Domain Images
High quality copyright friendly images. Can be used freely for any personal or commercial use.

Stock Photos for Free
Offers over 100,000 completely free stock photos from around the world.

Free Range
Thousands of free quality photos licensed for commercial or private use.

Offers thousands of photos and illustrations, including a large selection of texture images, all free. Submissions and/or comments are also welcomed.

Not Free

Getty Images
Offers millions of images in varying price range packages.

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Boundaries and Social Media

Social Media and Boundaries for Authorized Ministers from the UCC

Social Media Best Practices #1 – Appropriate Boundary Setting United Methodist Church

When the Pastor’s Study Moves to Cyberspace: An Examination of Ecclesial Social Media Policies by Adam J. Copeland

Facebook Rules for Pastors by Adam Copeland in the Christian Century

Being in covenant community in the virtual community of social media PC(USA)

From the Presbytery of Chicago

Social Media Policies:

How should we act on social media? A social media policy for your staff and volunteers can guide behavioral expectations and define what’s confidential. It also protects the rights of your church and staff.

Sample: Safe Boundaries Policy Appendix C (pages 21-22): Suggested Practices For The Use Of Social Media (download PDF)

Sample: Riverside, IL Presbyterian Church’s Technology and Internet Usage Policy down load the  PDF here.

Sample: Who Speaks for the Presbytery? (download PDF)

Sample: 221st (2014) General Assembly Social Media Guide (download PDF)

Sample: United Church of Christ – Connecticut Conference’s Resource “Church Safety Online: Social Networking” (download PDF)

Review of basic boundary issues, some special factors in online communication, relevant Christian values, and some best practice suggestions.

Sample: Blogging Beatitudes from (link)

Sample: Online database of corporate Social Media Policies (link)

Social Networking and Healthy Boundaries in Ministry: Asking Critical Questions by M.L. Daniel and Marie M. Fortune on the FaithTrust Institute website