Stewardship & Finance



Stewardship Resource Center

On Line Giving through the Presbyterian Mission Exchange

Wills Program

Ministry Toolbox
13 pages of booklets, power point presentations and print media to support the launching of a Legacy Program


Financial Best Practices for Congregations
The ELCA Office of the Treasurer has many resources to help congregations develop best practices in their financial dealings. These resources include
Congregation Audit Guide
Financial and Accounting Guide
Handling Financial Matters in the Congregation
Internal Control Best Practice

Stewardship and Children

Teaching Children about Stewardship from Ministry Matters

From the Arch Diocese of St Louis a page about Stewardship and Children

PC(USA) Stu Bear: A story About Stewardship for Young Children.
This 24-page square book uses a cuddly bear to teach pre-school children about stewardship.

From the Discipleship Ministries UMC Teach stewardship to children, one fun way to do this is to use "Bible Bucks."

From Ministry to Children lesson plans

Lesson: The Spiritual Discipline of Stewardship

Lesson: God’s Call to Give (Matthew 25:14-30) Stewardship for Kids

A stewardship brochure for children

Family Stewardship calendar Church of the Nazarene

Stewardship With Children from the Center for Faith and Giving

Stewardship Resources for Young People from the United Church of Canada

Ah-ha Moments and Stewardship Tables for Children, Delia Halverson, Discipleship Ministries UMC

Disciples of Christ Stewardship Crafts  Stewardship page

9 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money

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Narrative Budgets

From Living Lutheran How to Create a Narrative Budget

Building a narrative budget from the Center for Faith & Giving includes a video

A different kind of Narrative Budget from Discipleship Ministries

From the Episcopal Network for Stewardship sample letter and a sample Narrative Budget

Building a Narrative Budget,  with examples of Narrative & Missional Budgets From the Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation

Narrative Budget Template from the Presbyterian Foundation
This is a narrative budget template that can be customized to fit your church.  Instructions on how to use the template are provided.

Samples of Picture Budgets from the UCC

Narrative budget  Knox Waterloo Presbyterian church

Narrative Budget Hixson United Methodist Church

Narrative Budget St Paul’s Episcopal Church

Missional Narrative Budget St Paul’s UMC

Missional Narrative Budget Hope Presbyterian Church

Stewardship Websites

UMC How We Serve
The stewardship website of the United Methodist Church has links to many resources for stewardship.

Stewardship in the UCC
The United Church of Christ’s stewardship webpage includes monthly stewardship messages as well as other resources.

ELCA Stewardship
The Lutheran (ELCA) stewardship webpage includes numerous links and resources.

Dave Ramsey
Offers resources for church leaders as well as his personal stewardship program “Financial Peace University.”

United Church of Canada Stewardship Toolkit
The website of the Philanthropy Unit of the United Church of Canada has numerous links to resources. (There is no apparent link to this from the main UC Canada website.)

Firstfruits Book
On this website, the Barnabas Foundation offers a selection of publications on stewardship to purchase, in addition to the book Firstfruits: A Stewardship Guide for Church Leaders.

Stewardship Resources from the ELCA

ELCA Stewardship
The Lutheran (ELCA) stewardship webpage includes numerous links and resources.