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Christmas Carols Websites

The lyrics and origins of the most popular Christmas carols are included on this site together with popular Christmas songs and Christmas poems.

This site has a Christmas Music Quiz with background stories of many Christmas carols.

The Christmas Customs Website has a brief history of Christmas Carols.

This brief article on the history of Christmas carols has links on the page to more information on specific carols and songs.

This site has an extensive list of well known and little known carols with lyrics and background notes.

Wikipedia’s entry for Christmas carols includes the history of Christmas carols in various parts of the world.

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Advent & Christmas Websites for CE Leaders and Teachers

Advent Conspiracy
The Advent Conspiracy offers a free four week curriculum for kids based on the four tenets of Advent Conspiracy: Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, and Love All. There is also a free four week curriculum for families.

Building Faith
The Christmas page of the Building Faith website has links to articles on a variety of topics including Christmas pageants, how to welcome visitors on Christmas Eve, and children’s Christmas books.

Creative Communications
This website sells reasonably priced resources for churches to give to children and families including Advent calendars, hands-on Advent chains, sticker books, activity books, and family devotionals.

Flame Creative Children’s Ministry
The Advent Family Ideas page of this website has ideas for activities and crafts which could also be used in children’s ministry.

St. Nicholas Center
This website has extensive information about the first Santa Claus - St. Nicholas - how he is celebrated throughout the world, and resources for celebrating him.

Advent and Christmas Websites for Sunday School

Companies that sell Advent/Christmas resources to give to children and adults
Creative Communications for the Parish
Christian Tools of Affirmation

Companies that sells materials to make Advent wreaths
Catholic Supply

Directions for making and using Advent wreaths
How to make and use an Advent wreath
Making Advent wreaths
Advent wreath craft for preschoolers
Kid friendly family Christmas Advent ceremony

Directions for making Advent calendars and chains
Happy Birthday Jesus Advent calendar
Amy’s Free Ideas Advent calendars
Advent calendar craft
Calendar crafts for kids
2012 printable Advent chain

Directions for making a Manger of Love
Manger of love
Good deeds manger for baby Jesus
Good deeds and sacrifices for baby Jesus
3-D stand up paper manger
How to make Jesus in a manger

Directions for making a Jesse Tree
Make a Jesse Tree
Jesse Tree family devotions

Directions for making Chrismons
Children’s Chrismons
Chrismons information

Directions for making Christingles
How to make a Christingle

Directions for miscellaneous Advent and Christmas craft activities
Sunday School Kids
Nativity crafts
Free Christmas lesson plans
Advent and Christmas crafts

Directions for Advent games
Advent bingo
Advent bingo intergenerational
Bible Pictionary game ideas for children
Pictionary of carols
Christmas games in PowerPoint
How to make a Jeopardy board game
Christmas charades words

Directions for making Christmas foods
Lollipop angels
Lollipop angels 2
Gingerbread nativity
Gingerbread nativity scene
The legend of the candy cane
The candy cane legend

Christmas pageants
Christmas plays for churches
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
The Birth of Jesus
The First Christmas
A Brand New Star
Dramatix scripts

Puppet shows
Christmas puppet show
“What’s Christmas All About” puppet skit

Can We Sing Christmas Carols During Advent?
Christmas song lyrics
Christmas carols sheet music

St. Nicholas
St. Nicholas center

Service and Mission Organizations
Heifer International
Angel Tree
Children’s Fund for Christian Mission (UMC)

Resources for an alternative Christmas
The Advent Conspiracy
A Different Kind of Christmas Children’s Study
Christmas Gifts that Won’t Break Children’s Study