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Caring Ministry

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End of Life

Faithfully Facing Dying: A Lenten Study Guide on Critical Issues and Decisions for the Members of the United Church of Christ. It is offered as a resource for this delicate dialogue and intended to assist churches, associations and conferences, as they study the range of choices which surround their understanding of death and dying.


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Parish Nurse Websites

Website of the International Parish Nurse Resource Center. Has information about Parish Nursing and resources for purchase.

 Website of the Health Ministries Association (HMA), an interfaith membership organization, serving the people who belong to the Faith Health Ministry Movement. This is the national organization's website with information about resources, continuing education, faith group links and more.

Website of the Nurses Christian Fellowship which publishes the “Journal of Christian Nursing”. Site also has mission and education opportunities, resources and links to other sites of interest.

Website of the Parish Nursing Health Information Resources. The mission of the Health Sciences and Human Services Library of the University of Maryland in developing the Parish Nursing Health Information Resources Web site is to provide parish nurses with quality health information resources to support their work with faith communities. The site brings together in one place health and life topics, referral information, regional information for the state of Maryland and resources that support the profession of parish nursing.