Spiritual Journaling Online Course

February 19, 2018 @ 6:41 pm – 7:41 pm
Debbie Kolacki

Spiritual Journaling Online Course


February 12, 2018 to March 26, 2018

Leader: Debbie Kolacki

Join us this Lent for a six week BeADisciple online course in which participants will explore the practice of spiritual journaling as they share their experiences with others involved in the practice. The course is based on the Upper Room book Journaling: A Spiritual Journey by Anne Broyles who is featured in an introductory video to the course. Each week we will practice one of the methods of journaling from the book. These include: journaling from the events of daily life, journaling in response to scripture, journaling with guided meditations, journaling from dreams, journaling in response to reading, and journaling conversations or dialogues. The spiritual practice of journaling helps us record our journey with God, be more aware of God’s presence in our lives, and grow spiritually.

The course fee of $75 includes a copy of the book signed by the author which will be mailed to participants. Please enroll early so that you will have enough time to receive your book prior to the course start date.

To register, visit the Course Schedule Page of the BeADisciple website at www.BeADisciple.com or click here. For more information, contact Practical Resources for Churches by phone at 631-821-2255 or e-mail info@prcli.org.

Debbie Kolacki is a Certified Christian Educator and Certified Lay Servant in the United Methodist Church. Her blogs include FaithGeeks and Practical Resources for Churches. She is also an online instructor for BeADisciple.com. Debbie is the senior consultant for PRC – Practical Resources for Churches where she works with people in all areas of ministry and leads webinars, workshops, and retreats.

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