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PRC is a nonprofit, 501 (c) 3, non-denominational, education-based service organization providing professional consultants, educational webinars, workshops and resources.

Our goal is to provide faith communities time-effective; cost efficient; and results-oriented programs and services.  Although much has changed since the opening in 1984 of the Parish Resource Center (the organization from which Practical Resources for Churches has its roots), one thing has not; the core of this organization is and will remain our professional consultants and their work with churches.


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Webinar: You Can Lead an Adult Study! 

I found the collections of resources offered and the many examples shared helpful in making future studies more relevant to people’s lives

The various topics covered and the provided examples within each topic.  Just some of the examples I liked are on how to market for a group, how to redirect if there's someone with a difficult personality, & how to assess the group afterwards. 

Called to Teach: Teacher Training workshop

“We thank both of you for your time and expertise. I was very pleased with the workshop.”

Pastor Peter

Webinar: Board Governance for Effective Governance 

*Thank you, for the excellent follow-up.  You helped a "dry" topic become "living water,"  with a refreshing analysis and summary of the material. And you made all my iPad shots of the computer screen redundant.  We are so grateful to God for you and the PRC.
Peace, Jack 

*Thank you so much for this so very prompt summary of last night's Webinar.  I am ever so grateful to have been able to listen to the webinar and to receive this summary.  I am already visualizing ideas for my congregation.
Have a Blessed Day, Delores 

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